Industrial Radiography Development Laboratory container

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Choose efficiency and flexibility with our mobile radiography laboratory: a customized container for your radiographic inspections.

Does your radiographic inspection campaign require a flexible and efficient solution? Discover our Mobile Radiographic Development Laboratory: a customizable container equipped to meet your needs.

Contexte et domaine d’application

As part of gamma or X-ray radiographic inspection campaigns conducted during major unit maintenance shutdowns, long construction projects, or inspection and investigation campaigns, we are pleased to introduce our innovative solution: the “Mobile Radiographic Development Laboratory.”

Contexte et domaine d’application du produit robotique CLR

Specifically designed for the nuclear, naval, and petrochemical sectors, this laboratory is a customized container tailored to your specific needs.

This mobile laboratory, built to your specifications, is fully customizable and offers standard equipment and layouts divided into three main areas:

  1. Equipment:

    • Film processing machine for radiograph retrieval
    • Ventilation and air conditioning system
  2. Furniture:

    • Workstations for interpretation and office work
    • Storage cabinets
  3. Lighting:

    • Standard lighting
  4. Electricity:

    • 220V power outlets
    • RJ45 network outlets
  1. Lighting:

    • Light system that activates when someone is present in the development area.
  2. Equipement:
    • Double-door system for securing the radio development area.
  1. Equipement :
    • Stainless steel sink with spray head and cover/counter
    • Mixer with stainless steel retention bins
    • Storage area for products on stainless steel retention bins
    • Loading area for the developing machine
    • Airtight and lightproof ventilation and air conditioning system
    • Plumbing system
    • Anchoring of elements to the ground
  2. Furniture :
    • Storage cabinets
  3. Lighting :
    • Inactinic light (safe for radiographic films)
    • Standard lighting with lightproofing
  4. Electricity :
    • 220V outlets
    • Electrical pane

In addition to these areas, our mobile laboratory containers are fully customizable spaces that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. There are numerous options and variations available, which we will discuss together during the development of your specifications. This flexibility allows us to provide a solution that is perfectly suited to your industrial radiography needs, while ensuring a safe and ergonomic work environment.


  1. Interpretation/Office Area
  2. Separation airlock
  3. Development Area
  4. Developing machine
  5. Air conditioning
  6. Inactinic lights
  7. Sink
  8. Workstations
  9. Cabinets
  10. Mixer
Nomenclature de produit de contrôle non destructif CLR



The Mobile Radiographic Development Laboratory is designed according to rigorous quality standards, ensuring you a reliable and durable equipment for all your radiographic inspections.


The modular design of the Mobile Radiographic Development Laboratory allows for customizing the space according to your specific needs, providing optimal flexibility for each project.


The safety of radiographic development is at the core of our design. The Mobile Radiographic Development Laboratory is equipped with specific devices that ensure light-tightness, protecting your radiographs and ensuring safe development.


Featuring separate areas for interpretation, office work, and radiographic development, along with an additional storage option, it provides a versatile workspace suitable for a wide range of tasks.


Fonctionnalité : Zone Interprétation de produit de contrôle non destructif CLR

Interpretation and work area

Specially designed for radiograph interpretation and office work, the zone is equipped with various storage options and amenities, providing ample space for efficient organization and workflow.

Fonctionnalité : Sas séparation de produit de contrôle non destructif CLR

Zone separation

A separating airlock between the development area and the office zone ensures the prevention of any light contamination on the silver films during the development process.

Fonctionnalité : Zone developpement de produit de contrôle non destructif CLR


Light-tight area providing all the functionalities to develop your silver films with all the necessary equipment and working comfort.