Corner Vacuum Box for Leak Testing with Interchangeable Base (BAV-40IC)

corner vacuum box

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Easily control the tightness, waterproofing of your welds and sheets with the new generation BAV40IC vacuum box with interchangeable base.

The BAV40IC is an NDT vacuum box designed for internal right-angle corners, tailored for leak testing 90° internal corner welds, such as inside mechanically welded assemblies, tanks, containers, on the corners of flat roofs, terrace roofs with waterproofing membranes, and more. Its interchangeable base offers great flexibility for inspecting different surfaces and weld configurations, enabling rapid leak detection.


he BAV40IC is a vacuum box, also known as a bubble box, specially designed for checking the tightness of internal right-angle corners (configuration 3), for example:

  • Mechanically welded assemblies
  • Ship tanks
  • Waterproofing membranes for roofs, flat roofs, or terrace roofs
  • Any other right-angle surfaces (metallic or non-metallic) where a pressure gradient can be applied

Its two-part design consisting of the main body and an interchangeable base addresses the challenges of equipment maintainability (maintenance), versatility, and ensures good readability of indications (height of the viewing window).

Our vacuum box can operate either by compression using the venturi system or by suction using our specially adapted optional vacuum pump.

vacuum box test pressure
corner vacuum box BAV-40IC

KIT COMPOSITION (excluding options):

  1. Main body/reading chamber comprising:
  • Handling grips
  • Vacuum gauge
  • Hybrid vacuum system:
    • By venturi effect / using a compressor
    • By suction / using a vacuum pump
  • Vacuum adjustment valve for:
    • Flow limitation when using a compressor
    • Leakage flow when using a vacuum pump
  • Quick base attachment system
  • 50 cm extension with a quick female connector to cat’s head (Vacuum by venturi effect / compressor)
  1. Interchangeable internal corner right angle base comprising:
  • Seal between the reading chamber and the base
  • Interface foam with the surface under inspection



2cm viewing window to ensure clear and reliable reading of indications

Ultra-efficient sealing foam for easy and quick vacuum generation

Precision gauge to ensure proper control conditions

Precise vacuum adjustment with a valve

Quick detachment of the vacuum box by a rapid vacuum release system


Robust and reliable design for durable use in demanding industrial environments

– High-quality foam offering excellent resistance to abrasion and hydrocarbons


Capability to operate in venturi effect mode (by compressor) or by suction (vacuum pump).

– Great flexibility with interchangeable bases to adapt to the most complex geometries and configurations of sheet welds.

Durable and resistant foam

Triangular geometry to increase relative pressure on the foam and allow maximum deformation on the surface of the inspection area.

35 mm foam height and 40/50 Shore 00 hardness for optimal adaptation to surfaces.

Foam offering longevity and great resistance to abrasion, as well as good hydrocarbon resistance, for durable and reliable use in demanding environments.


Corner vacuum Box BAV-40IC

Two-Part Modular Design

The BAV-40IC is composed of the main body and an interchangeable sole for maximum adaptability to weld and sheet metal geometries. This design has many advantages including greatly facilitated maintenance.

corner vacuum box testing

Two-Part Modular Design

The BAV-40IC consists of the main body and an interchangeable base for maximum adaptability to welds and sheet geometries. This design has numerous advantages, including greatly facilitated maintenance.

vacuum box ndt

Easy Reading of Indications

The height of the interchangeable base of our bubble box creates an important gap between the main body and the surface under inspection. This provides a significant viewing window for easy and reliable reading of indications.

vacuum box leak testing

Vacuum by Venturi Effect

Possibility of operation in venturi effect mode by connecting a compressor either directly to the quick pneumatic system or to the 50cm cat’s head extension provided.

vacuum pump box

Vacuum by Vacuum Pump

Possibility of operation in suction mode by connecting our specially adapted optional 220v vacuum pump.

vacuum box inspection

Precise Vacuum Control

The vacuum gauge (-1 Bar, CE certified) allows precise adjustment of the vacuum necessary for inspection, thanks to the venturi mode adjustment valve and our innovative regulation system for the optional vacuum pump.


Hardened transport case

vacuum box rugged case BAV-40IC

To safely transport your vacuum box, we offer a hardened transport case with a machined imprint in the shape of the vacuum box to prevent any movement.

Gauge with calibration certificate

ndt leak testing

We standardly provide a CE-certified but uncalibrated gauge. Therefore, we offer an option of a calibrated gauge with a verification certificate for your standardized inspections.

Vacuum pump PAV-2209

leak testing vaccum pump

To use the vacuum box in suction mode with a vacuum pump. We offer a customized 220V 9CFM vacuum pump adapted for field conditions. The optional “vacuum pump” pack includes a 2-meter pneumatic hose with our innovative flow regulation and rapid depressurization


Dimensions490 mm x 270 mm x 130 mm
Weight4200 g
MaterialsMain body: Aluminium alloy, Plexiglas
Base: Plexiglas, closed-cell foam
Gauge-1 Bar
Vacuum Generator TypeHybrid system:
- Venturi Effect: Requires a compressor of 10m3/hour at 8 bar
- Vacuum pump (optional)
Foam TypeClosed cell foam
Foam Height35 mm
Foam Hardness40/50 Shore 00
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